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Who We Are

Efloresens Bio Therapy Sdn Bhd (EBTSB) is a 100% owned by Malaysian established in 2010 which located in Puchong and Shah Alam, Malaysia. EBTSB offer a form of therapy utilizing the body's natural ability to stimulate and repair the immune system to treat infection and inflammation and to protect the body from harmful effect of modern medical treatment using frequency. Read more..

Operating Hours

  • Saturday - Thursday
    09:00 - 17:00
  • Friday

*For appointment and inquiries, please call us at +603-55234114 or +603-80526855

How Efloresens Bio Therapy Works


Sensitiv Imago

Sensitiv Imago is a cutting edge computer technology that assists in health improving methods to diagnose and rectify health issues by screening, analysed, and treat all organs including tissues, cells, and microorganisms thoroughly in 1 to 2 hours only. Read more..

Scenar Cosmodic

Scenar Cosmodic allows restoring body functioning to the level it was functioning at before the disease occurred. Scenar restores homeostasis which the body had before the disease. This devices act upon the body with short-pulse low-frequency signals when the electrodes contact skin. Read more..

Weber Laser

Weber Medical is a machine using cold lasers for medical treatment, energize, metabolic optimization, immune strengthening, improve blood circulation, and increase oxygen levels in the blood. Read more..


Booster is made from natural and organic ingredients only which act as our supplement product for detoxification in order to boost immune system. Booster is free from any kind of drugs and heavy metals.

F528 Advanced Lotion

528Hz or "Healing Frequency" is a frequency that act as a DNA repairer. It will repair the damaged cells and tissues on the body due to daily activities or injuries. For best results, it is advisable to use it frequently. Read more..

Energy Water

Energy water is made from natural and organic ingredients only and free from any kind of drugs and heavy metals. It will help to restore or recharge our energy after a long day activities.



Diagnose & Treatment

By using Sensitiv Imago, diagnostics for full body, analysis and treatment can be carried out. Types of treatment are B.R.T, Mora, and Spectronosodes.

Low Frequency Signals

Scenar and Cosmodic trying to helps the body to remember how the healthy organs should work and recover.

Light Therapy

Treatment using cold lasers which are red laser(for near surface points & areas), green laser(for irradiation of superficial points), and blue laser(for dermatological & photodynamic therapy).

Detox & Cleansing

Colon detox & cleansing, liver detox & cleansing, kidney detox & cleansing, and microb cleansing.

Diet & Nutrition

Consultation and recommendation for the best nutrition or remmedies which includes bioresonance therapy to improve health, manage disease, and reduce the risk of disease.

Weight Loss Program

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Super Learning Program

A program that enhances individual learning potential. Bioresonance therapy will helps in developing cognitive infrastructure for a better long term memory.

Pain Management

Biofeedback is a medical specialty to communicate between pain area with the brain on how to improve, manage, and treating the pain.

Efloresens Bio Therapy Mobile Team


1st Time
(Option 1)


Full Body Checking Only
1st Time
(Option 2)

RM450.00 + RM100.00

Full Body Checking, Treatment Session + Booster Supplement
Follow Up


Each Session
Weber Laser


Each Session
Rife Therapy


Each Session
Supplement/Medication Testing


Each Item
Booster Supplement RM 100.00 Mineral & Trace Mineral Supplement RM 250.00
Energy Water RM 60.00 Advance Lotion F528 RM 99.00
Booster Probiotics RM 60.00 Advance Spray F528 RM 120.00





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